Mechanism for Reporting and Handling Complaints

This practice allows a transparent and structured way to issue and handle a complaint within ANND. The Mechanisms for Reporting and Handling Complaints related to the Protection Policy applies to all ANND staff, workers, and consultants in their various capacities and covers full-time workers. However, temporary contractors shall have the right to file complaints exclusive to the content, timeline, and related tasks of the contract with ANND.

Closing the Feedback Loop within Cambodian Civil Society

The objective of the NGO Governance Professional Practice (GPP) Online Feedback Form is to offer the complainants making their complaint as the evidence of misconduct by a certified NGO. This form will help the GPP team or National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) to define the process and take action to deal with based on the existed complain policy. It is also intended to be used for investigation to ensure that all allegations are dealt with fairly and efficiently.

To review the form, please view here.