Speaking across divisions: A citizen-science data campaign

Unusual for this small coastal town in Tanzania, government officials, artists, school principals, nonprofit directors, fishermen and business owners filled the courtyard of an eco-hotel. Divided by status, education and environmental awareness, a citizen science data campaign brought them together to map and collect trash.

Navigating data roadmap processes in Kenya and Tanzania

Evidence shows that civic space in Tanzania and East Africa, in general, is narrowing. In a bid to navigate this, DataShift devised an engagement strategy that targeted National Statistical Offices in Tanzania and Kenya.

The key to building CSO confidence working with CGD

When working with citizen-generated data (CGD), there’s one hurdle many civil society organisations (CSOs) struggle to overcome. This hurdle holds back many CSOs from generating, analysing and communicating CGD in a meaningful way, even though in some cases they may already have many of the skills they need to do so.  The hurdle: confidence. 

Encouraging the use of citizen-generated data for the Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal

Incorporating citizen-generated data into any phase of a campaign is one of the best ways to improve the overall campaign and make the message stronger. From the research phase to the justification, to detailing the campaign plan or monitoring the impact of the campaign - the inclusion of accurate and reliable citizen-generated data (CGD) is key for any organisation.

Poopoozap: a Citizen-Generated Data project for achieving transformation in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas

At the end of 2016, we at Casa Fluminense and data_labe began to design a project together – Poopoozap. This partnership was kickstarted after winning the first DataShift Community Seed Funding Challenge, organised by CIVICUS. Our winning proposal combined two global concepts

Data Literacy is Only Half the Battle

Discussions of data literacy permeate many of the conversations surrounding big data and the data revolution taking place today. Debates abound about what data literacy entails, who needs to be data literate and what it will take to increase data literacy worldwide.

Direct support phase I: Our story so far...

In July 2015, the DataShift team announced its first call for applications for direct support in the three pilot areas – Argentina, Nepal and Kenya+Tanzania. This marked the beginning of DataShift direct support phase I. Here’s our story of what we did, what we learned, and where we’re headed.