Acting President Adly Mansour,
Magles El Shaab St., Kasr El Aini St.

Re: Escalation of violence and a call for restoration of sovereignty to the people of Egypt

Dear Acting President Adly Mansour,

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is appalled at the state-led violence against protestors across Egypt which has caused deaths and debilitating injuries to hundreds of people. We condemn in the strongest terms, the criminal actions of your regime and reject the official justifications being offered for use of indiscriminate and deadly force against protestors, including through the deployment of snipers, armoured vehicles and bulldozers. Nevertheless, we appeal for respect of the fundamental freedoms of all Egyptians, including those who stand in opposition to the current regime.

We believe that the coup ousting the Morsi government on 3 July 2013 sets a dangerous precedent for democracy in Egypt, drawing parallels with previous military takeovers that have marred the country's history. The African Union has rightly suspended your government under its Constitutive Act for the unconstitutional transfer of power. Although your government is in severe breach of international law, we urge a restoration in the faith and legitimacy of the institutions of Egypt. We believe that the only way out of the impasse and potential quagmire in the country is through political dialogue. It is vital that free and fair elections to restore the sovereignty of the Egyptian people are scheduled forthwith.

Furthermore, we remind your government of their duty to protect all citizens, regardless of political affiliation or minority status. We are alarmed at the motivated and arbitrary arrests of political opponents, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the specific targeting of media outlets condemning your regime's actions. Such targeting is reminiscent of the authoritarian rule to which Egypt was subjected under President Mubarak and is likely to entrench political divisions within an increasingly polarised state.

With the country currently under a 'state of national emergency,' we appeal to all stakeholders in Egypt, including the military, transitional government, the Muslim Brotherhood and Civil Society to work together towards a resolution of the current crisis through discussion. It is imperative that a practical solution, within the legal framework of Egypt's democratic institutions that is acceptable to all parties is found at the earliest to prevent a descent into civil war.

CIVICUS urges the interim government of Adly Mansour, to:

  • Immediately intervene to prohibit the use of excessive force by security forces, against protestors, taking measures to ensure that the UN's 'Basic Principles on the use of Force and Firearms' are rigorously observed and that international legal standards are upheld. In addition, a formal investigation into these incidents should be launched with the aim of bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • Respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Egyptians, regardless of political opinion or affiliation, in particular the freedoms of expression, association and assembly.
  • Halt all politically motivated arrests and detention of those perceived to be politically opposed to the transitional government, including those linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Schedule free and fair elections in the coming months, so as to restore faith in the democratic institutions of Egypt and to return sovereignty to the people.


CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation



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