Call to join drafting team for beyond 2015 paper on population dynamics

Beyond 2015 is providing a platform for civil society to contribute to the nine thematic consultations being organized by the UN on the post-2015 framework. In this connection, the  Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association, Consortium of more than 360 Local and INGOs is  serving as the coordinating organization for the Beyond 2015 position paper for the UN thematic consultation on Population dynamics being organized by  UNFPA ( as the UN lead agency).
As with all global thematic consultations, this consultation will feed into the broader inter-governmental processes shaping the post-2015 agenda, including the work of the recently established UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel. We believe this consultation will provide a significant opportunity to ensure that population issues including:
•    high fertility and population pressure;
•    poor reproductive health facilities;
•    unacceptably high rate of morbidity and mortality;
•    severe pressure on ecosystems and natural resources;
•    older people who do not have minimum social safety nets and
•    Other crucial emerging factors related to population dynamics would  receive  a central place on the post-2015 development agenda setting.
As a coordinating organization, CCRDA aims to bring together and co-ordinate a drafting team comprised of Beyond 2015 participating organizations willing to take part in consultative efforts and to commit meaningful time and energy to contribute to this position paper. Our aim is for the paper to draw on the inputs of a wide range of organizations with expertise in diverse fields working at the local, national and global levels and to draw in particular on the perspectives of the global south.
If you are interested in contributing to the work of the drafting team, please contact or or    by 13.11.12 with a brief description of your organizations particular interest in the issue.

Further details about the first drafting conference call will follow.
For those who are interested in the issue but are not in a position to contribute to the drafting team please be assured that a draft will be made available to the broader network before being finalized and inputs and comments will be most welcome.
Coordinators and contact persons
•    Dr Meshesha Shewarega
Executive Director, CCRDA, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

•    Yoseph Girma
Packard Programme, CCRDA
Coordinator Beyond 2015, Population  Dynamics



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